Hours of pain only lasts for Hours of Days

Leave it as you see it

Nothing is too much to take

Your happiness will make

Another will endeavour

Your heart will grace you forever

So  no need to worry

Another life another sorry

Rusila Raven alex-iby-488183




Love is on your Side if you want it



Defending one’s name

Can be such a pain

When the damage is done

A life with no fun

Looking at a miracle to repair

A hole now appears

A lifetime of mistakes

A love now proclaim a fake

Don’t bother your self  with drama

One word comes to mind KARMA !!

So keep moving on to another life

No ring No house No Strife

Collect the cobwebs at the door

Only you know what is eaten

To the core!

Find your way back to your beautiful self

No one can take that away

A book, the final chapter

Put to the highest of a shelf !!

Rusila Raven daniel-apodaca-400037





Dont take No sitting down !

Take what you believe

And fight with a need !

Never let someone take from you

The person who grew

To become a name

An important DAME

Take your name with pride

Don’t ever hide

You are one in a million

Or should I say Trillion

Wipe your tears

All the darkness

Disappears !

Dont stay around

No reason

Another to be found

Let the past fall to the past

Old habits leave in the grass

Keep living in the real

Another heart you will steal

So never ever look at what was

A name just because ………..

Rusila Raven andrei-coman-411997