2018 come and get me !

You don’t need to answer me just yet

But make sure you are ready for me

When I pounce on ya!

No memory will be spared

Nor reused

This Year is going out with a Bang

Be with me

Or lose my name

I am ready for whats to come

Nothing is scary to me

I have nothing to hide

I going to take this as a gesture of growth

So see you in another year

Watch me take it out with a Bang !!amanda-carlson-394702



You cant have it all – Just Fall !

You cant have it all just fall

But get up and stand tall

Nobody cares if you graze

Its life, another lesson another faze

Don’t belittle your self

To another belief

Do whats right

It is yours to keep

Pick wisely again

A vivid memory

Can be a right pain!

Keep your mind

Dancing in the dark

Another day dawns

Another You Another Start

Rusila Raven aral-tasher-412769.jpg








Defending one’s name

Can be such a pain

When the damage is done

A life with no fun

Looking at a miracle to repair

A hole now appears

A lifetime of mistakes

A love now proclaim a fake

Don’t bother your self  with drama

One word comes to mind KARMA !!

So keep moving on to another life

No ring No house No Strife

Collect the cobwebs at the door

Only you know what is eaten

To the core!

Find your way back to your beautiful self

No one can take that away

A book, the final chapter

Put to the highest of a shelf !!

Rusila Raven daniel-apodaca-400037





Dont take No sitting down !

Take what you believe

And fight with a need !

Never let someone take from you

The person who grew

To become a name

An important DAME

Take your name with pride

Don’t ever hide

You are one in a million

Or should I say Trillion

Wipe your tears

All the darkness

Disappears !

Dont stay around

No reason

Another to be found

Let the past fall to the past

Old habits leave in the grass

Keep living in the real

Another heart you will steal

So never ever look at what was

A name just because ………..

Rusila Raven andrei-coman-411997







You think you know someone but you dont !

Creeping up from behind

A reason to confide

The explanation is too complex

A phone call, not a tex

You are yearning for acceptance

But your past gives disturbance

Nothing to add

Everything is now bad

A taste  is like blackness black

A brainwave you lack

You come to me with anger

No truth to it just danger

But you carry on

In a rant

Nothing saved

A mind now blank

Starting from the beginning

New life now new meaning

Never the best place to be

For everyone to see

Keep walking the path

Smile and have a good laugh

Leave whats left behind

For someone else to find

Carry on living in the now

Nothing becomes something

If you really want it, but how ?

You ask that question!

JUST LET GO !!!amanda-carlson-394724










Life can be a real Bietch if you know what i mean !

Apology the word is this even a word

You heard!

Not even ,too selfish to explain

The Name!

You think you are right

Day and Night

What planet are you on

Not mine already gone !

Think what you say

Build a Bom Fire Ok!

No Names No Names

Everything is different

Nothing stays the same

No Names No Names

This life is not a game

Learn the language  of selfless

You know you will never miss

The Name is now No Name

Never Again to be the same

Again Again !amanda-carlson-394702







13 Years and its Over

Find another home

Find another life ‘

Find another reason

Find another life

Leave this door while open

Never return to its knock

No one will be waiting

The time the date

The memory now stops

Kiss it all goodbye

To see another world

Good luck to your new adventure

Another life you see to endure

This life is now shut behind you

Nowhere to run or hide

Your words to start over

Good luck a dangerous ride