You cant fake love

Treat me like i am a doormat doesn’t work

Love of course is on your side

But don’t push your luck

Doormats do see the light of day to you know

Don’t mess with the dynamics of love

Cause sometimes the heart will fail your thinking

Knowing what is happening is wrong

Dont stay for anything less then you

Sometimes people have to grow up

Not grow out if you what i mean





One day ,you will wake up and i will be gone with the wind ………………………….

you know when you have done it too long when people around you show you no respect

and you just want to leave and start a new

That day is coming very soon that day is coming very soon

Someone will come into your  life and respect you for you

when you have me to rely on I pity you

Take me out of the picture, see how far you can function

Don’t take me for granted, just like everything around

Nothing stays the same

Nasty people go nowhere, what you give out you get back

Being silence is not an option

Pick your team wisely

I know what team im going for

rusila raven18