I didn’t say a dam thing! you punish me for what ?

Confusing as it may seem

I  am  not part of your so called team wtf ?

I am suppose to be LIKE  this BIG  bad bad wolf ?

What the hell did i do

Branding me a name I QUESTION a pigs hoof ?

Get off your Ass no questions tell no lies attitude

I have nothing to hide ,the question is have you ?

You got nothing on me ,i am clean as they come

Try and get your foot out of you mouth

Dont go acting Thick Stupid and Dumb !

Go climb up and tree and break some branches coming down

I dont give a rats ass ,what new words you have found

I am a honest person that has  no fracture in my head

Wait a minute ,Your name is familiar

Broken ,Cracked head instead !!

Not even going to say i told me so !!!








Truth be told if not sooner !

Stand in a way i cant even describe

Hands on your hips like you wanna  fly

Nothing to say or even excuse yourself from me

Actions speak louder than words

Your awkwardness is for all to see

Truth be told or DONT  even start

Heard it all before when day becomes dark

Dont treat me like i am a nut case A dead waste

Seen the world more than you would know

Just be a Man ,come close to my face

Cant escape a lie  I ,read it  I ,feel it  I,see it

Your name now a public DISGRACE !

Keep your lies go on live a fruitful life

Got nothing to come back to


Action – Power

THROWING  A  NEW  DICE !photo-1464961968964-a80a9b51f3d9-2