Catch me in a whim ,twirl me round and round

Heart pumping  vicariously ,dont stop a beat of lust now found !

Happy in my heart so lucky to find such a man !

Take me to another level of anxiety , addiction love lust a ring my hand

The feeling’s deep ,how deep can it go ,feet falling as i land

Not even a feeling of love  can pass me by ,with out a word of caution ?

To much information brain drain   exhaustion !

Confused another mind thinking , a black seed  now sown

Where my feet forbids to touch a weed so overgrown !

Please not  my  place a love so new ,now you mention

Not even a Get out of Card Extension !

It sucks to be loved and than to be Dumped all in w whirlwind

space of time !!blindfolded-1732539






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