50 Years have passed ,But i am still living with peace in my heart !!

What makes you the person you are ??
You ask –
I know now after 50 years in the game of Liking Lusting and Loving

I have learnt that life is very challenging, it doesn’t matter how you hit the ground
you need to get up and wipe your dirt off your face your knees and your eyes.
And say it’s going to be okay another bump on the road of Life.
Believe me, the road of life gives you curves, intersections, stop signs, give way signs this does include the storms you will encounter through your journey of life.
I have learnt through my 50 years of Life you can’t hide from a Broken Heart its part and parcel of life itself, we need to learn without falling down, hurting grieving , how would we know when the right love comes along ,how would we grow inside to make the better judgement of partners we endeavour to invite into our lives even if it’s for a short time.
You know love taps you on the shoulder true love I mean at least 4 times in your lifetime.
How do I know this,? I have walked it, experienced  it and am still living this today.

I have had  the best and worst of relationships in my 35 years of living the Love Game. and In those years, I have experience 4 True Loves and have been dumped, duped and deserted 3 of those 4.
Through these relationships, I felt alone, deserted, cheated, lost, confused and what other things can I say.
When you are the victim of being Dumped it hits home harder than you would ever imagine, the longer the relationship the harder the pain.
The world  you live in has no meaning the life you live has no meaning, this is how hard you have fallen.
If you have invested 100% in this relationship than your partner is your love is your friend, your partner, your work, your social life, where are you??
Most of us consume the love the life the couple comfort until one day it is all taken away.
Your life has become a standstill it’s like living a death within, it feels like your heart has been ripped off its organs.

How do I know you ask,?? I have been there many times in my life and yes have learnt many a lesson but do we?
Yes, sometimes but other times no because you keep getting burnt by the same flame.
The first time for me was such a young age and yes the younger the heart the bigger the pain the harder the fall ,you see when you love for the first time you are learning new feelings for another and these feeling mould you and your heart of how you see the world .
Not many of us learn tho and fall into the same trap the same love.But others like me learn to embrace the past, engrave the future and be more open to learning about true love and the true meaning of the word.
I have learnt harsh lessons in my life and being DUMPED has installed the memory in my heart forever.
No one wants to go through the agony, heartache, pain, hurt, silence and the rest to follow.
But unfortunately, it happens  the Good the Bad and the Ugly  life, you can not live a fruitful  life if you haven’t experienced true love.

Learning to experience life as it happens learn from it and use it ,to become a better person for you and only you 11071034_10152735666411546_8179153592100693777_n

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