Proper is My Life !! Until I met your Chaotic Life – WTF???

I would give the World a memory ,

Just one to remind me of you

Where do i start ,your life was not mine

But you met me LIKE THAT

You already knew

I was so  prim & proper ,

Where you would live on the edge of time

We met at the most romantic place ,

Your face your energy ,real stopper ,ALL MINE

But you and me were BORN

Different Cloth ,Different Race

You told me to slow it down

You are to fast to pace

My life is from Royalty

A Castle A Crown

You frown at me constant

What am i suppose to do ?

Its the way i am born

Habbit sets in to soon

You cant change  a person

Dont  even try and change me

Not willing to go down that path

Of uncertainty

You are my reason ,My Heart ,My key

Maybe you are to hard core for me

And fantasy caught me in a stake of shock

Maybe Us was never meant to to be

But i am willing to give Us another try

My Heart My key I unlock

Don,t judge me for the way I am

I can try better just for you

Be patient with the way I am

I am willing to do it all over again


I have So much to learn about your life

And a big step i am willing to take

So don,t judge me with your

Tasteless words

A love i am willing to make





Judge me Not !!!!!!





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtumblr_ljlxrelt8x1qbjw4uo1_500_large


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